Notting Hill Packaging

Notting Hill Removals has been offering simple and affordable moving services to individuals and businesses since 2003. We operate around Notting Hill, West London, Central London and beyond. Our people are polite, friendly, helpful and fit for almost any job! To continuously improve our service, we ask customers to give us their feedback and the service we offer (do email us yours). Within a day's notice they have been able to efficiently do a variety of jobs for me, including picking up furniture from outside London to simply popping over and moving a fridge.

Always with a smile and never any complaints! Moving services can be stressful, but they alleviate a lot of the worries about damage, or of having people in the apartment going through your things. Punctual arrival, in combination with careful loading and driving made for a reliable delivery and pleasant experience. They delivered and installed fitness equipment, calling for a patient and professional approach.