Wasp Nest Removal Bromley

KPN are fully trained & provide a leading wasp nest removal service. Probably the best wasp nest removal company in the Bromley area - KPN provide a full 100% wasp control guarantee to the domestic market.

Our Bromley based wasp nest removal team have been treating wasp nests and hornet nests in Bromley & all its surrounding areas for over twenty years. Unlike other Pest Control companies KPN Wasp nest removal only treat wasp & hornet nests so we are able to keep our prices low.

Wasp Nest Removal Facts in the majority of wasp nests they are between 5000 & 20,000 strong. People are taken aback that a wasp nest in Bromley or even wasps nests in London can house so many. This is one good point as to why you would need professional wasp nest removal. You do not want to be caught in a swarm after disturbing a wasp's nest. There are between 500 - 1000 hornets in a hornet's nest and they will also defend their nests in large numbers.